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Who did you talk to the most on WhatsApp?

Atta Ur Rehman KhanWeb Editor & Columnist

01st Dec, 2019. 09:28 pm
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WhatsApp also has a feature that very few people know about. This feature is for Android and Apple users.

So let’s stop here for a series of suspensions and tell you about this feature. In the WhatsApp menu you can find out how many messages, videos and stickers you have sent to date. You can even know with which connection you spoke the most on WhatsApp.

Click on the WhatsApp settings menu to find out. Then click on the Data & Storage tab. You will then have a page loaded that lists your contents and file size.

The largest file size contact will be the one you send the most messages, videos and stickers to.

This list may surprise you. This list will also tell you how much time you’ve spent chatting on the WhatsApp so far.

This new feature lets you delete what you’ve just done with a specific person and delete shared data.

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