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This startup offers Rs 1 lakh for ‘sleep internship’

Komal FatimaWeb Editor

02nd Sep, 2020. 09:48 am
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sleep internship startup

A startup in India is providing a “sleep internship” for sleep lovers. The company pays 1 lac Indian rupee for 9 hours of sleep every day for 100 days.

Last year, the mattress company has offered internships to 23 interns last year (out of 1.7 lac candidates).

If you love sleeping and can sleep anytime even in the noisy atmosphere, this internship is a perfect choice for you!

The startup has announced the application process for 2021 on its website. The application procedure is a bit complicated. The candidate will have to convince the bosses that sleeping is their top priority. They will have to prove that they love sleeping the most, and can sleep even in busy traffic or noisy places. The bosses track the sleep patterns of each candidate for 100 days.

According to the website, the purpose behind offering an internship is to change the concept of ‘sleep’. They want to convince the audience that the idea is productive and healthy.

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