I do, I do, I do: Couple gets married 4 times in a month

Web DeskSenior Editor

22nd Apr, 2021. 02:32 pm

A couple in Taiwan sparked a heated online debate after they married four times in month to maximize paid leaves.

This unusual news which is the latest to go viral social media, was confirmed by Taipei’s Labor Department.

As per the law, companies in Taiwan are legally obliged to offer eight days of paid leave to newlyweds. But, a bank employee whose name was not disclosed by the authorities, decided to go against the system.

Over a period of 37 days, he and his wife got married four times and divorced three times, claiming the full eight days for each of their nuptials.

The bank raised objection and the employee appealed to Taipei city labor department, which initially fined his employer Tw$20,000 ($670) for violating the leave regulations.

That was because as far as the law goes, there is currently no restriction on how often an employee can apply for marriage leave.

The bank, which was only willing to offer eight days off, said the man had abused the law.

People are debating on the social media platforms whether the employee was right to take advantage of mandated days off for weddings or not.

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