Red Panda Found A Day After it Went Missing From German Zoo

Aizbah KhanWeb Editor

03rd Jul, 2021. 12:17 pm
Red Panda Found A Day After it Went Missing From German Zoo

A red panda from Duisburg Zoo, a western German city that went missing from its enclosure was safely captured.

The red panda dubbed as Jang managed to escape from its enclosure on Thursday, July 1, according to officials at the Duisburg Zoological Garden.

The management of the Duisburg zoo had warned nearby residents to avoid harming the missing red panda as it is not an animal that can harm or attack humans or in other words it is harmless.

The statement also said that it apparently belongs to the eastern Himalayan region and China.

The Duisburg administration and appointed supervisors have not yet determined how Jang managed to get out of his cage-like room. In this context, the administration is continuing to investigate the escaping of the animal and trying to identify any shortcomings. The administration also says it looks like the panda is still hiding in the large, dense trees inside the zoo.

The weakness of the red panda is a bamboo tree, but it does not have the same characteristics as the black and white-skinned panda. It’s about the size of a cat at most. The whole body, including the head, is fifty centimetres or twenty inches.

The red panda looks dwarf compared to the black and white-skinned panda. The black and white giant panda is one and a half meters or five feet long. This giant panda can weigh up to one hundred and fifty kilograms.

The red panda is an endangered species. Its growth is declining due to deforestation or urban sprawl. There are less than ten thousand of them in the whole world.


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