A used refrigerator made the citizen millionaire overnight

Raba NoorWeb Editor

15th Aug, 2021. 09:30 pm
A used refrigerator made the citizen millionaire overnight

If miracles are written in human destiny, a person becomes a millionaire overnight. A similar miracle happened to a man from South Korea which made him a millionaire overnight.

According to a foreign media report, a man from South Korea became the owner of millions after buying a used refrigerator.

The South Korean man bought the refrigerator online, but while cleaning the fridge, he found some note dolls taped under the fridge.

According to media reports, the amount discovered was worth 110 million Korean (about 95,000 US dollars).

As soon as the money was received, the man informed the police, after which the police temporarily took the money into their custody and launched an investigation. Officials said that transporters and sellers would also be included in the investigation.

What do South Korean laws say about money received?

Under South Korea’s Lost and Found Act, if the owner of the money does not appear within 6 months, the money will be considered the property of the person who received it, in which case the person will have to pay 22% tax.

According to the law, if the real owner is found, the person who discovers the money will be given 5 to 20 percent of the money and if the money is obtained from a crime, it will be transferred to the state treasury.

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