A woman’s jaw dislocated after eating a big size burger in UK

Raba NoorWeb Editor

11th Aug, 2021. 08:33 pm
woman broke her jaw

A 34-year-old woman from the UK tried to eat an unusual size chicken sticker burger from a well-known American fast-food company (KFC) and her life got in trouble.

According to the British media, four years ago, Holly Strevens, while eating a burger, opened her mouth to an extent that her left jaw broke, and she was taken to a nearby hospital in emergency.

An artificial jaw was placed on the left side of her mouth in the hospital while 5 operations have been performed on her mouth and 12 screws have also been applied during the operation.

Strevens, a mother of one child, was diagnosed with dislocations in the jaw muscles and veins after the incident, usually due to an injury or inflammation between the jawbone and the skull.

The victim is suffering from chronic pain on a daily basis and hopes to change the right side of her jaw.

Holly Strevens said she was sorry for what had happened to her and that anyone who opened her mouth too much could suffer the same fate.

“I feel angry that this has happened but it can happen to anyone who opens their mouth too wide. I was healthy before eating my KFC burger in September 2014. I didn’t have any underlying health issues. TMJ just came from nowhere.” She said

“I was eating a KFC at home whilst watching the TV and all of a sudden I had a loud pop noise. It was my left jaw joint. It looked normal but it felt horrendous and kept ‘locking and unlocking. I must have stretched my mouth too wide when biting the burger.” she further said

Holly said her life has been ruined in a way, the average person can open their mouth up to 35mm but she is only able to open their mouth up to 13mm after surgery and treatment. Because of the pain, she is no longer able to eat apples or any other hard food.

It should be noted that this incident happened with the woman in 2017 which she says that she was very sorry after eating the burger because eating it has changed her whole life.

She hoped that the fast-food company would reduce the size of its burgers so that such an incident would not happen with anyone again.

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