Do you know which is the largest rock cut in India?

Sania SaeedWeb Editor

20th Aug, 2021. 09:13 pm

Kalish temple in India is the largest rock-cut temple carved from a single rock in the 8th century. It took 18 years to complete it.

Kailasa temple lacks a dedicatory inscription, but there is no doubt that it was commissioned by a Rashtrakuta ruler.[7] Its construction is generally attributed to the Rashtrakuta king Krishna.

The Vadodara copper-plate inscription (c. 812-813 CE) of Karkaraja II (a ruler of a Rashtrakuta branch of Gujarat) records the grant of a village in present-day Gujarat. It mentions Krishnaraja as the patron of Kailasanatha and also mentions a Shiva temple at Elapura (Ellora). It states that the king constructed a temple so wondrous that even the gods and the architect were astonished.[8] Most scholars believe that this is a reference to the Kailasa Shiva temple at Elora.[9]The Kadaba grant of Govinda Prabhutavarsha similarly appears to credit Krishnaraja with the construction of the temple.[7]

However, the attribution of the temple to Krishna I is not completely certain because these epigraphs are not physically connected to the caves, and do not date Krishnaraja’s reign.[8] Moreover, the land grants issued by Krishna’s successors do not contain any references to the Kailasa temple.

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