The world’s first flying motorcycle could be commercially available within two years

Sania SaeedWeb Editor

31st Aug, 2021. 08:23 pm

The world’s first futuristic sky-bike could be in the hands of consumers in just two years following a breakthrough invention from Jetpack Aviation ‘The Speeder”. It could be soaring through the skies by 2023.

According to the report, the American company Jetpack Aviation, which is known for manufacturing vertical people propellers, said that their jet-driven flying motorcycle prototype completed its first flight with flying colours. The California-based company says that it has developed two versions for the general consumers.

The flying bike will be connected to a flight control system, which will take a year and a half to build. The motorcycle will also be able to stop at a certain point in the air for a while. The CEO of the company said that the first version of the motorcycle will be launched within two years while the second version will be launched six months later.

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