Watch: The world’s fastest roller coaster shuts down due to horrific tragedy

Raba NoorWeb Editor

24th Aug, 2021. 11:54 pm
roller coaster

The world’s fastest roller coaster in a park of Japan’s Fujiyoshida has been shut down after the horrific tragedy.

According to a report by a foreign news agency, the world’s fastest roller coaster, which reached a speed of 172 kilometers per hour (106.9) miles per hour in just 1.8 seconds, was shut down after several people broke their bones in the incident.

The roller coaster is located in a park in Fujiyoshida, Japan. It was designed by a company called S&S and opened its doors to the public on December 21, 2001.

Prior to Do Dodonpa, the fastest record was held by Superman, The Escape and the Tower of Terror.

Many people tried riding on it and kept visiting the theme park but people called it scary.

According to the report, the roller coaster has been closed after breaking the bones of many people, now the interested people will not be able to ride on the roller coaster.

According to the report, six people had broken bones in December 2020. The reports came as a shock to fans and manufacturers as Do Dodonpa had reported only one person injured in the last 20 years.

The only pre-December 2020 incident that raised concerns occurred on May 15, 2007, when a 37-year-old man sustained minor injuries after hitting his right knee on the front of a roller coaster.

However, recent cases are found more serious and have troubled roller coaster and theme park experts, surprisingly said that the initial investigation did not find any technical issues with the ride.

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