Italian teenager gets vaccine barcode tattooed on his arm

Sania SaeedWeb Editor

07th Sep, 2021. 06:01 pm

A young man has barcode tattooed on the top of his left arm after being vaccinated with the Codvid 19 vaccine. The covid vaccine certificate can be verified by scanning it.

Andrea Colonita, has been thinking of getting a tattoo for some time. But he wanted it to have a subject and a practical use. Then all of a sudden he came up with the idea of getting a tattoo of the barcode of the vaccine he is getting.

Andrea, who lives in Reggio Calabria, southern Italy, contacted her city’s best tattoo artist, Gabriel Pelilron, and had the barcode on the Corona vaccine certificate stamped on his arm, which was exactly the same design. Anyone can now confirm by phone or scanner that Andrea has been ‘vaccinated’.

“I like different styles and this tattoo is real and useful,” said Andrea. These tattoos are now proof that he has been vaccinated.

Andrea said that after the vaccine tattoo, he has become famous all over the world and the number of his Facebook and Instagram users has also increased.

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