Have you ever wondered earthquake can be detected with the help of dance?

Sania SaeedWeb Editor

11th Sep, 2021. 03:29 am

In this age of modern technology, various tools are available to detect climate change, including earthquakes. However, there is a dancer from the European country of Spain, Catalonia, who can detect earthquakes while dancing.

Not only this, with the help of these dancers you can predict when and where an earthquake will strike.

The beauty of this unique dancer of the world is that if there is an earthquake somewhere and they are present in the vicinity of this area, they can also measure this earthquake.

Yes, Moon Ribas, a dancer from the Spanish state of Catalonia, not only has the ability to detect earthquakes, but she can also measure earthquakes.

According to the media reports, Moon Ribas is a “cyborg artist dancer” who is equipped with tiny, sophisticated electronic devices that enable her to hone her artistic abilities, including dancing well.

Moon Ribas has very small modern instruments installed on her feet, which are connected to the seismometer.

The instruments mounted on Moon Ribas’s feet are connected to an online seismograph and they send the earth vibrations and heat to the machine.

With the help of these devices, Moon Ribas detects earthquakes while dancing and walking around.

Moon Ribas says that because she is a dancer and the earthquake is a kind of dance, she started this work to have a unique experience in her art.

Because Moon Ribas is a “cyborg artist dancer”, she has also experimented with a variety of other instruments before installing seismometers in her body.

Moon Ribas is not the only dancer who has experimented with modern technology and instruments, but like many other dancers and artists, she is part of the Cyborg Foundation.

The organization encourages dancers and artists to hone their artistic talents through modern instruments.

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