Incredible pictures of the clouds telling the earth to ‘hush’

Shamraiz KhalidWeb Editor

24th Sep, 2021. 03:30 pm

Nature is full of exciting, shocking and amazing things and the discovery of new phenomenons never seems to stop. Every day something new and remarkable appears and in this digital age, a lot of people can see it on their mobile devices. In other words, nature will always fulfil the appetite of curiosity and would further increase it with some unexplainable findings.

One such finding was uploaded on Twitter by a fantasy author situated in Cape Town, South Africa. In the picture, it can be seen that the clouds have formed such a shape that it looks like the face of a person telling the Earth to hush.

Take a look:



Twitteratis replied with explanations of their own.

“This reminds me of the time Donald Trump tried to speak to me through a cloud“, said one user.

“Nawl this just a witch putting another curse on the planet,” said another.

Do you agree with the uploader’s description or do you have a description of your own??

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