Lady screams after seeing a snake coming towards her

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14th Sep, 2021. 11:06 am
Lady screams when she saw a snake coming towards her

A lady from Texas has shared how she “almost pass away” after a snake jumped at her as she left her home. Chaunva LeCompte was strolling outside to sit on her front porch when the snake seized her out of certain shrubs, footage shows that Ms. LeCompte, a photographer, was recorded shouting as loud as possible and running back inside.

According to Ms. LeCompte: “He jumped out at me and I nearly died.”

On Sunday the occurrence happened in Burleson’s home of Ms. LeCompte’s.

She clarified that: “I was strolling outside to sit on the entryway patio with my mom as she was leaving, incredibly there was a snake stowing away in the shrubs sitting tight for me.”

Ms. LeCompte leaving her home with the phone in her hand and had not taken in excess of a few stages, when the snake slide out of certain brambles and landed right at her feet. The unnerved picture taker was heard shouting as she hurried once again into the house. The snake, in the meantime, withdrawn into the vegetation. The video, caught by a Ring surveillance camera.

People marked it “stunning” when Ms. LeCompte shared the video on her Facebook page.

Another person stated that. “I would have dropped dead!” wrote one Facebook user. “Oh no!! It seemed like it came right at you. Glad you’re okay.”

There were likewise large numbers of the people who discovered the video interesting and dropped chuckling face emoticons in the remarks area. “And I’m still laughing. I’m so sorry,” one Facebook user admitted, while one more said, “We can laugh now but I would’ve done the same.”


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