Mountain goat kills grizzly bear in British Columbia

Shaista Zafar

23rd Sep, 2021. 04:31 pm
Mountain goat killed Grizzly bear in British Columbia

Mountain goat killed Grizzly bear in British Columbia

A grizzly bear was accidentally gored by a mountain goat in British Columbia, according to Parks Canada. Other reasons for death, such as human involvement, were ruled out.

The death of a grizzly bear discovered slumped beside a path in British Columbia’s Yoho National Park earlier this month is believed to have been caused by a mountain goat.

A necropsy on the corpse revealed wounds compatible with the size and form of mountain goat horns, one beneath each of the female bear’s armpits and one on the side of its neck, according to David Laskin, a wildlife scientist with Parks Canada.

According to Laskin, grizzlies frequently feed on mountain goats, often attacking from above, and it’s not uncommon for a bear to get hurt in the struggle.

However, he claims that a goat fatally injuring a bear is “very unusual.”

The adult bear was smaller than the other 25 to 30 grizzlies in Yoho and Kootenay national parks, according to Laskin, but not abnormally so.

Laskin said to the media, “It was quite interesting and it’s not something we normally encounter.”

“It’s still a loss of a female grizzly bear in her reproductive prime, however, our grizzly bear populations are still healthy and stable in the park,” he added.

The bear was an adult, but there was no evidence of cubs on the post mortem.

It’s difficult to judge the bear’s hunting experience, according to Laskin, but her lower size may have played a part in the deadly attack.

The bear was around 68 kilos in weight. A prime male mountain goat weighs approximately twice as much as that.

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