Sightings of Loch Ness monster reported in China

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20th Sep, 2021. 11:57 am
Reported: First loch ness monster located in China

Reported: First loch ness monster located in China

The Loch Ness Monster’s first Chinese sighting has been confirmed.

Weiming Jiang professes to have spotted Nessie through a webcam in Jiaozhou City, 5,300 miles from the beast’s home in Scotland.

According to, recorder of the Official Loch Ness Monster Sightings Register, Gary Campbell, “She saw a black dot, then two, very close to the shore.

“They moved on the water for six minutes.”

“It is the first accepted sighting we have had from China but just shows you can see Nessie from anywhere in the world.”

Campbell has logged 14 sightings of the beast so far this year, including nine by a webcam sitting above the loch.

One locating came from Matt Reddick in Texas and one more came from County Donegal in Ireland.

1,143 sightings of Nessie have been accounted for throughout the hundreds of years however the most well-known photo of the incredible beast, taken in 1934, was subsequently uncovered as phony.

Earlier, several sightings of the mythological Scottish creature have been recorded in recent months, but one man now claims to have a recording of it.

The photograph was taken by Brandon Scanlon of the official Loch Ness Monster sightings register while aboard the ‘Nessie Hunter’ vessel.

According to the officials, “Benjamin Scanlon was on holiday with his family and took a trip on the ‘Nessie Hunter’ of Loch Ness Cruises. He spotted something on the sonar on the boat and caught the image. Captain Mike of the boat estimated it to be 3-4 meters in length, at a depth of about 20 meters, while the boat was in the water about 40 meters deep.”

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