Researchers discovered the Shark-toothed dinosaur

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14th Sep, 2021. 11:15 am
Researchers discovered the Shark-toothed dinosaur

Researchers discovered a dinosaur thought to be nearly as terrifying as a T-Rex, but with shark-toothed jaws.

Ulughbegsaurus is a dinosaur that lives in the desert. Face and head chomps will be recognized, and it was covered in stone in Kyzylkum, Uzbekistan.

“It closely resembled Neovenator, which was discovered in the UK” According to, Dr. Kohei Tanaka, of Nagoya University in Japan.

The new discovery is said to have weighed more than a tonne, was the size of a car and boasted six-inch gnashers.

It was a species of the Carcharodontosaurus family and is considered to have roamed around Asia 90 million years ago, before the T-Rex unleashed its horror, with fangs that sharp.

It’s hunting an area that would have covered many miles and it would have gone after tyrannosaurs.

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