The British old man finds true love after nine failed marriages

Sania SaeedWeb Editor

22nd Sep, 2021. 07:47 pm

The world knows the British Ron Shepherd. Not because he is an important person, but because every time his marriage fails and then after every divorce he finds a new bride.

Eight marriages had already failed, the ninth bride ran away as soon as she got married, and now the preparations for the tenth marriage are underway. Seventy-year-old Ran is very optimistic this time because he feels that he has finally found true love.

Ron’s first marriage was only 19 years old, but since then the series has been intermittent. Her longest marriage lasted 13 years, while her shortest lasted only 10 months.

This time he befriended a young woman through social media and now he has decided to turn the friendship that lasted for six months into the marriage.

According to Mail Online, Ron says that repeated failures had made her very disappointed, but now she has found true love, so there is great hope that this marriage will be successful.

Although he is very optimistic, his new bride is only 32 years old, and the first question anyone hears is, will this marriage be a success?

Ron said that his fiance’s name is Cristel and she is from the Philippines. She is based in Qatar for work and their friendship has been going on for six months.

Ron will travel to Doha, the capital of Qatar, for a wedding next week, after which he is excited to take his bride on a honeymoon.

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