Watch: Brave dog ‘protects’ his owner from car’s windshield wipers

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05th Oct, 2021. 04:55 pm
Charming video: Brave dog ‘protects' his owner from car windshield wipers

Charming video: Brave dog ‘protects’ his owner from car windshield wipers

Labradoodle in a TikTok video that has almost a quarter of a million views, Jude from North Carolina valiantly guarded his owner against the terrifying windshield wipers.

Dog owners are well aware of their pets’ intense loyalty and protective instincts, which range from barking if someone approaches too close to the garden to ensuring the postman knows whose property it is.

Many canine partners take their duty as protectors extremely seriously, making sure that their owners are aware of any potential threat, no matter how little.

However, one labradoodle has gone one step further and ‘saved’ his owners from the terrifying vehicle wipers.

Jude ‘the dood,’ a labradoodle from North Carolina, boldly leaps from the rear seat of the car to the front in a TikTok video that has been seen over 243,000 times in an attempt to protect his owner from the car component.

The overlaying text read: “Get yourself a dog who will protect you from windshield wipers,” with the hashtag #adogspurpose, and was posted to the @thismudderfluffer account.


Jude, dressed in a patterned bandanna, leaps at the sweeping wipers in an attempt to ‘catch’ them through the glass, pawing at the dashboard in a desperate attempt to keep his master safe.

Viewers complimented the puppy’s quick response to the imagined danger and his devotion to his mother.

As per someone, “Dang Jude, that was quick! Cat-like reflexes.”

“Don’t worry, they [windshield wipers] won’t get you, he’s made dang sure,” another added.

A third one stated, “That baby just saved your life.”

In 1988, an Australian breeder created Labradoodles, which are a mix between a Labrador and a poodle.

They quickly became well-known for their sweet dispositions and kind natures, which blend the characteristics of both parents, who both have a strong work ethic.

They’re described as intelligent and social dogs who are loving toward both adults and children and are always up for a game.

Rick Wilson of Kaiser Chiefs, who has a labradoodle named Reedus, is one of the many celebrities that enjoy the popular breed.

Jude is far from the only life-saving labradoodle to make the news.

It was also retweeted more than 3,100 times and gained nearly 12,000 likes on Twitter.

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