Clever Labrador learns how to use a torch

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05th Oct, 2021. 04:57 pm
Clever Labrador that is afraid of the dark learns how to use a torch

Clever Labrador that is afraid of the dark learns how to use a torch

As sunshine becomes scarcer as the winter months approach, everyone, even this dog, must devise their own means of overcoming the gloom.

As seen in this funny TikTok video, the practical pooch has learned the usage of a torch when he needs to go for a pee in the garden.

Jake, a Labrador/Huntaway mix from New Zealand, is handed the bright flashlight by his owner and carries it in his mouth to guide him.

The video, which was shared by TikTok user @jakeyboo20, had over 5.6 million views and 586,000 likes on the app.

Jake eagerly awaited the passing of the torch.

Jake’s owner hands him the torch at the start of the video before heading outside to spend a cent.

Before pausing to relieve himself, the intelligent youngster utilizes the torch’s strong beam to assist him across the difficult terrain.

Jake’s abilities were clearly admired by viewers, with one remarking, “Man, that dog has a bright future!”

“I need this for my dog, he is afraid of the dark,” commented another surprised user.

“My black lab is scared too, this is adorable.” Added by the third user.

Black Labradors are noted for their affectionate personalities.

They came in second place in a competition sponsored by TeamDogs to discover the UK’s favorite dog breed.

They nearly lost out to Staffordshire Bull Terriers for first place.

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