Earwax – a wonderful immune system given by nature

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06th Oct, 2021. 06:26 pm

Producing earwax is nature’s way of lubricating our ears and protecting them. Removing earwax can make our ears itch, crack and sometimes get infected.

Although it is advisable to clean the ears, it is not good for health to clean the ears completely. As much as there must be money in the hands (money), there must also be money in the ears.

This sticky and dirty thing is very important for health. This is called ear wax in English.

The stickiness of the earlobe also has a special purpose. Dust, dirt or fungus and other substances that can make us sick stick to it and do not reach the inside of the ear. This inner part is an extremely delicate part of the body if you consider it.

The ear canal contains a special enzyme called lysozyme. This enzyme breaks down the outer cell wall of the bacterial cell, so earwax works against bacteria in two ways. First of all, it sticks harmful substances on itself, which stops its movement. It then breaks down their cells through a chemical process and thus prevents these harmful microscopic organisms or substances from damaging the ear or entering the body.


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