UK fuel crisis: Man rides his horse to a petrol station

Shaista Zafar

02nd Oct, 2021. 05:54 pm
Midst of the UK's fuel crisis: A man rides his horse to a petrol station

Midst of the UK’s fuel crisis: A man rides his horse to a petrol station

According to news agency Reuters, British petrol stations are still witnessing extraordinary demand, with over two thousand pumps remained dry on Thursday despite the country’s fuel crisis.

During an unrestrained week in which battles erupted at gas stations and individuals filled up old water bottles with gasoline, one man was recorded riding his horse up to a gas station.

According to the Independent, Gus Lee-Dolphin discovered an old-school answer to the gasoline problem and turned heads when he rode up to a Shell petrol station on horseback in west London.

The prankster is seen riding a chestnut horse to tease cars waiting in huge lines for gas in the video that has gone viral online.

Gus published the video on Instagram yesterday, and it quickly went viral after being reposted by a famous Instagram meme website.

On Instagram, the video has received over 1.7 million views and hundreds of amusing comments. With over 5 million views on TikTok, it has also gone viral.

One Instagram user inquired, “How much horsepower has he got?”

Another commented, “Brexit is the best entertainment I have seen in years.”

A user quipped, “People are gonna start panic buying carrots now,” while others wondered if the horse-rider was the same individual who was observed riding his bike to a petrol station last week.

Gus Lee-Dolphin had, in fact, driven his bike to the petrol station last week as part of another lighthearted joke.


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He then uploaded a photo of himself riding a horse, claiming that he had never done so before.


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A post shared by Gus Lee-Dolphin (@gusleedolphin)

On Thursday, Britain said that a gas station crisis caused by a severe lack of truck drivers had been resolved, but many pumps in London remained closed, leaving motorists seeking or line up for hours to fill their tanks. Despite ordering the military to start driving fuel trucks on Wednesday, British authorities have consistently stated that the issue is decreasing.

Senior politicians in other European cities have mocked the petrol station issue, claiming that the trucker shortage is a direct result of the 2016 vote decision to exit the European Union.

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