North Carolina community concerned as a sinkhole doubles in size

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12th Oct, 2021. 05:43 pm
North Carolina community are concerned as a sinkhole double in size

North Carolina community are concerned as a sinkhole double in size

After a sinkhole on a neighboring property nearly expanded in size, and residents in a North Carolina community are asking the city to intervene.

Residents in Asheville’s Montford neighborhood first spotted the sinkhole in July, and it has nearly doubled in size since August.

A rental business owns the land where the sinkhole is located.

Nat Dickinson, who lives next door to the home, told the media, “This has been a constant source of stress for two months.”

The sinkhole, according to Dickinson, is obstructing storm ducts, create flooding in his and other neighboring houses.

As the stated, “The water came rushing down the driveway, and the back yard was flooded.”

He added, “My basement was flooded, as well.”

Dickinson claims that his homeowner’s insurance does not cover the sinkhole’s damage, and he is afraid that the hole is getting close to his property boundary.

He stated, “It’s at the fence line now.”

Dickinson said he requested assistance from the city of Asheville in July but didn’t hear back until this month.

Municipal personnel can’t do much about the sinkhole since it’s on private property, according to a city spokesperson, but officials have contacted the owners.

According to the spokesman, “The sinkhole located in Montford is on private property. City staff has been in contact with the property owner, and the property owner has contracted with an engineering company.”

He added, “The city has placed barricades for safety.”

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