Man eating uncooked sausages since childhood

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06th Oct, 2021. 05:23 pm
Past 50 years: Man have been eats uncooked sausages

Past 50 years: Man have been eats uncooked sausages

Peter Richardson shocked TikTok followers when he revealed that he has been eating uncooked sausages for 50 years.

People are appalled after learning that a guy has been eating uncooked sausages for the last 50 years.

Peter Richardson has been eating raw meat since he was five years old when butchers used to hand out free sausages to children, “to keep them quiet.”

Richardson’s partner Katie Chalmers shared a video of his “disgusting” habit on TikTok, prompting concerned viewers to voice their concerns for Richardson, who seems unconcerned about eating raw bangers.

“It might be disgusting to some people but I enjoy it. I wouldn’t encourage people to go around eating raw sausages but in 50 years I’ve never had any issues,” the 55-year-old from Lincolnshire remarked.

According to Richardson, “It all started when the butcher used to come with the van and they just used to give you a sausage to shut you up.”

On the other hand, a 63-year-old woman became pregnant in her mouth after eating cooked squid, according to reports. In a scientific paper for the National Center for Biotechnology Information in Bethesda, Maryland, the out-of-this-world incident was reported.

After eating calamari, the South Korean woman was able to “give birth” to a total of 12 baby squids, according to the article. So, how did something like this happen to begin with? It all started when the unfortunate lady bit into the squid, which was most likely still raw.

She felt a searing ache in her mouth almost immediately, but she ignored it for a time. After experiencing “bug-like” things wriggling all over her mouth, she finally went for a checkup.

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