Restaurant in Arizona offers unique orange lobster to the aquarium

Shaista Zafar

04th Oct, 2021. 05:57 pm
Restaurant in Arizona gave an orange lobster to the aquarium

Restaurant in Arizona gave an orange lobster to the aquarium

A lobster with a unique brilliant orange coloring was saved off the restaurant dinner plate and given a new life at an aquarium in Arizona.

After a recent delivery, workers at Nobu Japanese restaurant in Scottsdale’s Fashion Square Mall claimed the lobster stood out among its peers.

Nobu Executive Chef Carl Murray tells the media, “One, in particular, more or less caught our eye.”

He added, “I said, ‘Hey for curiosity’s sake, let’s call the aquarium here and see what we have.'”

The culinary crew chose against steaming the orange lobster and instead phoned the OdySea Aquarium in Arizona, according to Murray.

According to director of animal care Dave Peranteau, “The chance of finding a lobster this color in the wild is one in 30 million, so we are really fortunate to have it in our collection.”

He added, “We are grateful to Nobu for recognizing the lobster’s significance and reaching out to us regarding this incredible ambassador for its species.”

The lobster will likely survive longer at the aquarium than it would in the wild, according to aquarium authorities, because its vivid colors will attract more predators.

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