British couple discovers a ‘Great Dane-sized’ cat

Shariq TahirWeb Editor

02nd Oct, 2021. 03:51 pm
The British couple discovers a 'Great Dane-sized' cat

The British couple discovers a ‘Great Dane-sized’ cat

A British couple claims to have seen a gigantic cat “the size of a Great Dane” near their Bristol home.

Tracey Brown said she and her husband were traveling home from a nearby auction when the puma-sized beast leaped over a hedge.

According to her, “I saw the body for a split second and the tail and the back of its paw. It was big with muscle like a Great Dane. It jumped like the Puma logo cat. It was amazing.”

Tracey went on to say that, despite only getting a glimpse of the creature, she remembers it being “pure black.”

“My husband must have only seen it for two seconds and then when I looked back I could have only seen it for a second. I saw the back of its paw and it was jet black. The animal was pure black and I was just amazed at how big it was,” she added.

It comes as a wildlife investigator claims that the number of giant cat sightings reported in recent years has overwhelmed them.

According to Frank Tunbridge from the Mysterious UK, “Regarding the latest report of a big black cat sighting from the Forest of Dean, and my comments on the subject on Gloucestershire Live, in all the years of researching the topic and asking for information from the public I have never received such a massive positive response.”

“So far 25 emails have come my way.”

“These detailed and often emotional accounts provide the facts of the existence of the ‘British Big Cat’ now being part of our wildlife in the UK.”





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