Viral: Indian man steals the show in New York Street

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05th Oct, 2021. 04:49 pm
Viral: Indian man steals the show in New York Street

Viral: Indian man steals the show in New York Street

When the Indian man stated that he only knew Hindi music, the American guitarist promised him that he would be able to pick up the melody in a matter of minutes.

An American YouTuber with a guitar stood for a long time along a New York street, asking passers-by to join him in singing for a vlog. His desire was granted by an Indian guy.

Reginald Guillaume greeted Gaurang Rakholia, and the two agreed to perform Dilbar mere kab tak mujhe, aise hi tadpaoge, a song by Kishore Kumar. With over 4.3 million views, their video has gone viral. Guillaume appears to learn the melody in only a few minutes in the video, and then both of them look to be completely at ease when performing.

Gaurang had initially declined to sing, as had many others, but he later changed his mind and returned. “Oh, he’s coming back,” says the narrator. Guillaume inquired of Gaurang, “How are you doing?”

Gaurang informed him, “I only know Hindi (songs),” and he worried how the American would sing it with him.

Guillaume said, “Perfect,” and told him that learning the tunes would only take a few minutes. Gaurang used his phone to play a song by the renowned vocalist from the 1982 film Satte Pe Satta. Guillaume listened to the song through his headphones. He was ready with his guitar a few minutes later.

He stated, “I like it already.”

“Let’s do it.”

Here’s a link to their performance:

As stated Guillaume, “dhanyavaad” after singing, and Gaurang remarked, “thank you.” Gaurang later commented on the page, expressing his gratitude for the opportunity.

As per Gaurang, “I am feeling really glad that I came back to sing with you! Reggie, you are really awesome! I was literally in shock when you responded ‘perfect’ to what I said about knowing only Hindi (songs).”

Bryan Rodrigues commented, “Gaurang – You are trending in India. I love the fact that you rethought your decision after walking away and giving it a try as there is nothing to lose at all but to spread love through music.”

According to Winter Bear. “Gaurang’s leaving in a hurry and then coming back just touched my heart. And then he sang such a beautiful song amazingly!”

Shubham Sarin recounted the conversations, “He said ‘dhanyawad’, Gaurang said ‘thank you. Now that’s some cultural exchange.”

The YouTuber claimed his “Sing With Me” series is “all about creating musical experiences” that make people joyful and free in the video description. Guillaume stated that he has been vlogging since 2018.

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