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A single page from the original 1984 Spider Man comic sells for a whopping $3.36 million

On Thursday, a single page of original artwork from an outstanding 1984 Spider-Man comic sold for a record $3.36 million in the United States. Making Spider-Man the world’s most powerful auction superhero.

In artwork by Mike Zeck from Marvel Super Heroes Secret Wars no. 8, the page contains the first appearance of Spidey’s black symbiote suit. Which would later lead to the birth of anti-hero Venom.

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“This was the huge reveal that had been teased on the cover! This is where Peter Parker acquired his snazzy new black suit from “In its description of the artwork for page 25 of the issue, Heritage Auctions remarked.

“But it’s a disguise with a twist! Because it quickly reveals itself to be alive and with its own agenda. This is where Venom’s origin story begins!”

The artwork was auctioned off for $330,000.

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A-frame depicting the first image of Wolverine in a 1974 issue of “The Incredible Hulk” held the previous record for a single page of artwork from the interior of an American comic book. The page was purchased for $657,250.

CGC, the comic book grading authority, gave the copy a 6.0 rating. Two additional copies of the world’s most famous comic book issue with a higher grade have previously sold for more at auction.

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