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Tu Jhoom, the first release of Coke studio season 14 is a massive hit

Coke Studio’s magic is that it paints its walls in colors that have never been put together before and call it a palette. Just a smattering of pastels and reds, perplexing, commanding and engulfing its audience.

Similarly, Xulfi has carried on Coke Studio’s tradition while adding something fresh. By bringing together two conflicting forces like Abida Parveen and Naseebo Lal to strike a balance.

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Parveen and Lal engage in a heavenly dance of harmonics in Tu Jhoom, the first CS14 song released on Friday. The song isn’t as loud or forceful as some of Xulfi’s previous hits, but it’s also not completely grounded. It has a levitating quality about it as if it were constructed of mystic dreams.

The video by Tu Jhoom is also captivating. Furthermore, capturing Parveen and Lal in an environment rather than an enclosed studio location allows both powerhouses to speak. Everything, from the lights to the props, is transmitting the lyrical messages.

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The fans love the fusion of voices.

People from all over the world appreciate the music and the transaction it brings, making it a soul-shaking experience.

While it made some people cry and the others listen to the song on repeat. It has captured a place in people’s hearts. We think that this song will be one of the favorites of the year.

The video has reached a whooping 1.5million views in just 21 hours, depicting that Xulfi was indeed the right choice to take the coke studio journey forward.

Watch the video here

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