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It is the wish of many parents that their newborn babies should have a unique name. It is said that names of both baby boys and baby girls have an unseen influence on the personality development of the child as he/she grows up through the years. When parents are searching for that perfect name, they are not only looking at the way it sounds, but also the way it’s spelled and what meaning it holds. Parents, especially Muslim ones, are very particular of their baby names. Before the birth of a child, excitement surrounds the air with regards to the final baby name. The determination to do the best for your child starts by gifting the child with the best name possible.

Can’t decide the perfect name for your baby. BOL News is here to help. By scrolling below, you can see a vast library of baby names with meanings in both English and Urdu meaning. The names have been arranged alphabetically so you can jump in if you have a particular letter in mind. Our baby names library does not on pronunciations and meanings. You can also see the lucky gemstones, lucky days, origin and other relevant details.

Baby names list is available on BOL News where you will find modern Muslim names as well as classics and unique Muslim baby names. The Muslims name list will also provide you with authentic meanings in both English and Urdu. So go ahead and search for the perfect Muslim name for your baby. We have not limited our list to any specific gender as you can find both Muslim boys names and Muslim girl names along with their meanings. Find Muslim names for boys and girls right here on BOL News. Below are also some FAQs which we feel could help you in your search.

Search Muslim Baby Islamic Names for Boys and Girls


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    • Aafi
    • معاف کرنے والا، درگزر كرنے والا، غلطی بخشنے والا
    • عافی
    • Boy
    • Aafsar
    • تیزی سے کام کرنے والا، تیز عمل کرنے والا
    • عافسر
    • Boy
    • Aahid
    • ایفائے عہد کرنے والا، وعدہ کا پکا، نبھانے والا
    • عاہد
    • Boy
    • Aaiesh
    • سُکھی،عیش و آرام سے زندگی گزارنے والا
    • عائش
    • Boy
    • Aaied
    • عود کر آنے والا، دوبارہ مُبتلا ہو جانا، پلٹ کر آجانا
    • عائد
    • Boy
    • Aaien
    • درویش صفت، اچھی عادات کا حامل، نیک صفات کا حامل
    • عاہن
    • Boy
    • Aaki
    • قیام کرنے والا، ٹھہرنے والا، مقيم
    • عاکی
    • Boy
    • Aati
    • حاصل کرنے والا، دینے والا، بنانے والا
    • عاطی
    • Boy
    • Aayed
    • وعدہ کرنے والا، عہد و پیمان کرنے والا
    • عاید
    • Boy
    • Aban
    • ایرانی کیلنڈر کے 8th مہینہ ایک خاص فرشتے کا نام
    • ابن
    • Boy
    • Abahh
    • الاباہ امام حسن بن ابراہیم عرفیت تھا، القاعدہ مامن کا ایک نجومی
    • اباه
    • Boy
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