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Search Muslim Baby Islamic Names For Boys And Girls

Baby Names with Urdu & English meanings

It is the wish of many parents that their newborn babies should have a unique name. It is said that names of both baby boys and baby girls have an unseen influence on the personality development of the child as he/she grows up through the years. When parents are searching for that perfect name, they are not only looking at the way it sounds, but also the way it’s spelled and what meaning it holds. Parents, especially Muslim ones, are very particular of their baby names. Before the birth of a child, excitement surrounds the air with regards to the final baby name. The determination to do the best for your child starts by gifting the child with the best name possible.

Can’t decide the perfect name for your baby. BOL News is here to help. By scrolling below, you can see a vast library of baby names with meanings in both English and Urdu meaning. The names have been arranged alphabetically so you can jump in if you have a particular letter in mind. Our baby names library does not on pronunciations and meanings. You can also see the lucky gemstones, lucky days, origin and other relevant details.

Baby names list is available on BOL News where you will find modern Muslim names as well as classics and unique Muslim baby names. The Muslims name list will also provide you with authentic meanings in both English and Urdu. So go ahead and search for the perfect Muslim name for your baby. We have not limited our list to any specific gender as you can find both Muslim boys names and Muslim girl names along with their meanings. Find Muslim names for boys and girls right here on BOL News. Below are also some FAQs which we feel could help you in your search.


Find The Meaning Of A Name

Muslim Baby Names With Meanings

Name (English) Meaning Urdu (Arabic) Gender
Aabdar Juicy. آبدار Girl
Aabid Worshiper عابد Boy
Aabidah Worshipper عابدہ Girl
Aabir N/A عابیر Girl
Aabirah Fleeting, transitory, ephemeral عبیرہ Girl
Aabish Daughter of Sa'd who was a queen of Iran (AN) آبش Girl
Aadab Good Wish ادب Girl
Aadil Just, Upright عادل Boy
Aadila Just, Honest, Equal, Upright عدیلہ Girl
Aaeedah Visiting, Returning, Reward عاعیدہ Girl
Aafiya Good Health عافیہ Girl
Aafreen Encouragement آفرین Girl
Aahil Prince آہل ۔ آحل Boy
Aaidah Name of a narrator of hadith آیدہ Girl
Aaina Mirror آئینہ Girl
Aairah Noble, respectful آئرہ Girl
Aaish God Blessings عائش Boy
Aakifah Devoted, Dedicated اقیفہ Girl
Aala Bounties آلا Girl
Aalam World عالم Boy
Aalia Exhalted, Noble عالیہ Girl
Aalim Religious Scholar عالم Boy
Aalimah Scholar, Authority الیمہ Girl
Aaliyah rising علیہ Girl
Aamaal Hopes, Aspirations, Wishes اعمال Girl
Aamanee Good wish آمانی Girl
Aamil Doer, Work man اعمل Boy
Aamilah Doer of (good) deeds, Righteous امیلہ Girl
Aamin Grace of God آمین Boy
Aamir Civilised عامر Boy
Aamira Imperial, Abundant, Inhabited آمیرہ Girl
Aamirah Inhabitant آمیرہ Girl
Aamna Peace; All آمنہ Girl
Aani She was a literary woman and a poetess in Qastaniniyah. آنی Girl
Aani Fatimah Khatoon She was a literary woman and a poetess in Qastaniniyah آنی فاطمہ خاتون Girl
Aania Mirror آنیہ Girl
Aanisah Young lady, Maiden انیسہ Girl
Aaniya N/A آنیہ Girl
Aaqib Follower عاقب Boy
Aaqilah Intelligent عاقیلہ Girl
Aara Adoring آرا Girl
Aarab Powerful عارب Boy
Aarif Knowing, aware عارف Boy
Aarifah Knowing, Women who recognises Islam عارفہ Girl
Aaron mountain of strength ارون Boy
Aarzoo Wish آرزو Girl
Aas Asylum عاص Boy
Aasia Hope. آسیہ Girl
Aasim Person who keeps away from sins عاصم Boy
Aasimah Protector, defendant, central. اسیمہ Girl
Aasmaa Excellent; Precious اسماء Girl
Aasra N/A آثرہ Girl
Aatif Kind Affectionate عاطف Boy
Aatifa Affection, Sympathy عطیفہ Girl
Aatikah Kind Affectionate عاتکہ Girl
Aatiqah Shoulder (support) old اطیقہ Girl
Aatirah Fragrant. اطرح Girl
Aatma Soul; Light of the Lord آتمہ Girl
Aayan Speed; Bright آیان Boy
Aazam Fearless اعظم Boy
Aazeen Beauty آذین Boy
Aazim Determined عازم Boy
Abaan Old Arabic name ابان Boy
Abal Wild rose ابل Girl
Aban Old Arabic name ابن Boy
Abas Frowning, looking austere, also means lion. آبس Boy
Abasah Daughter of al-Mahdi. عبسہ Girl
Abasi Stern. عباسی Boy
Abba lion ابا Boy
Abbad great worshipper ابُد Boy
Abbas stern, somber; father عباس Boy
Abbudin Worshippers عابدین Boy
Abdalla God's servant عبداللہ Boy
Abdallah servant; God's servant عبداللہ Boy
Abdar Glittering with Water; Wealthy آبدار Boy
Abdeel Servant of the giver عبدیل Boy
Abdel servant عبدل Boy
Abdi my servant عبدی Boy
Abdu Servant of the giver ابدُ Boy
Abdul servant عبدل Boy
Abdul Aalee Servant of the Most High عب الالی Boy
Abdul Adheem Servant of the Most Great عبدل ادھیم Boy
Abdul Adl Slave of the just عبدل عدل Boy
Abdul Afuw Slave of the one who pardons عبدل افو Boy
Abdul Ahad Slave of he who is one (Allah) عبدل احد Boy
Abdul Aleem Servant of the Omniscient عبد العلیم Boy
Abdul Ali Slave of the High one عبدل علی Boy
Abdul Alim Slave of the All knowing عبدالعلیم Boy
Abdul Aliyy Servant of the Most High عبدل علی Boy
Abdul Awwal Slave of the First One عبد الاول Boy
Abdul Azeez The servant of the most powerful عبد العزیز Boy
Abdul Azim Slave of the great عبد العظیم Boy
Abdul Aziz Servant of the giver عبد العزیز Boy
Abdul Baaqi Servant of the everlasting عبدالباقی Boy
Abdul Baari Servant of the Creator عبد الباری Boy
Abdul Baasit Servant of the Extender and Creator عبد الباسط Boy
Abdul Badee Slave of the originator عبد ل بدی Boy
Abdul Badi Servant of the Incomparable عبد ل بدی Boy
Abdul Baith Slave of the one who raises death عبدل بیت Boy
Abdul Bari Slave of the creator عبد الباری Boy
Abdul Baseer Slave of the Allseeing عبدالبصیر Boy
Abdul Basir Servant of the All Seeing عبدالبصیر Boy
Abdul Basit Servant of the Extender عبد الباسط Boy
Abdul Batin Slave of the unseen عبد ل بتن Boy
Abdul Dhahir Servant of the Manifest عبدل داہر Boy
Abdul Ghaffar Servant of the forgiver عبد الغفار Boy
Abdul Ghafoor Servant of the Forgiver عبد الغفور Boy
Abdul Ghafur Servant of the All-Forgiving عبدالغفور Boy
Abdul Ghani Servant of the Self Sufficient عبد الغنی Boy
Abdul Haafiz Servant of the Protector عبد الحفیظ Boy
Abdul Hadi Servant of the Guide عبدالہادی Boy
Abdul Hafeedh Servant of the Preserver عبدل حفیدہ Boy
Abdul Hafeez Servant of the giver عبد الحفیظ Boy
Abdul Hafiz Servant of the Protector عبد الحفیظ Boy
Abdul Hakam Servant of the Arbitrator عبد الحکم Boy
Abdul Hakeem Servant of the Wise عبد الحکیم Boy
Abdul Hakim Servant of the giver عبد الحکیم Boy
Abdul Haleem Servant of the Mild and Patient عبد الحلیم Boy
Abdul Halim Servant of the Patient One عبد الحلیم Boy
Abdul Hameed Servant of the Praiseworthy and the Ever-Praised عبد الحمید Boy
Abdul Hamid Servant of the giver عبد الحامد Boy
Abdul Hannan Slave of the Merciful عبدل حنان Boy
Abdul Haq Servant of the Truth عبدالحق Boy
Abdul Haqq Servant of the Truth عبد الحق Boy
Abdul Haseeb Servant of the Respected and Esteemed عبد الحسیب Boy
Abdul Hasib Servant of the Respected, Esteemed عبدل حسیب Boy
Abdul Hayy Servant of the Living عبدل حئی Boy
Abdul Jabaar Servant of the Mighty عبدالجبار Boy
Abdul Jabbar Servant of the giver عبد الجبار Boy
Abdul Jaleel Servant of the Great and Revered عبد الجلیل Boy
  • Q. Which baby name is the most unique?
    Every region has a different baby names. Since we are aware that parents would love to give their child a unique name here are our suggestions: Shafeeah, Bakhtarasa, Muteeh, Parigul, and Raaziyah. In case you are interested in other names, scroll to our BOL News’ baby names list.
  • Q. What are the suggestions for the best baby names?
    Talking about contemporary times, names such as Azfer, Shahror, Ayesha, Fatima, and Ahmad are the most widely used beautiful baby names.
  • Q. What are the most popular names for babies?
    First we need to define what a “good” baby name is. For most parents it’s the one that suits the baby’s personality so they are completely subjective. However, some of the most popular ones are, Hoorain, Hareem, Alisha, Arham and others.
  • Q. What are the most popular baby names for a girl?
    Baby girls are a God’s blessing and it is considered a duty to name such a blessing with thought-provoking names. The most popular Muslim baby girl names are Golnaar, Azka, Zartaj, Pari and Waniya.
  • Q. What are the best baby boy names?
    Usman, Ali, Kashan, Ahmed, Fawad, Shera, Atif, Yasir, Haroon, Naveed and Burhan are few of the best baby boy names. Have a look at the cutest baby boy names in our List.
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