Sushmita Sen scared to participate when Aishwarya was competitor?

Komal FatimaWeb Editor

20th Apr, 2020. 02:50 pm
Sushmita Sen scared to participate when Aishwarya was competitor?

Sushmita Sen has opened her experience about her participation in the Miss India contest. She confessed that she almost backed out of the contest as she came to know that Aishwarya Rai is also participating in the same contest.

Sushmita has recently confessed the news we did not know before! Both Sushmita and Aishwarya had participated in Miss India in 1994. The actress recently shared her experience in a TV reality show.

She said that she was offered to take part in the show while she was in a disco. As many as 25 people were taking part in the event. However, she almost backed out of the contest when she came to know that Aishwarya is also taking part. She felt that Aishwarya has already gained popularity at that time. However, Sushmita’s mother played a great role in consoling her and bringing her confidence back.

She said, “My mother said ok fine let her win. If you think that she’s the world’s most beautiful then loose from her. What’s the point of loosing from someone else? Go give it your best shot,”

On the other hand, Sushmita has earlier shared experience about her dress she wore in the contest. She said that she did not have enough money to purchase expensive dress.

“We did not have so much money to afford designer gowns on stage; we were supposed to wear four different costumes. We are middle-class people and we knew our restrictions. My mother said, ‘So what? They are not going to look at your clothes, they are going to look at you.’ So we went to shop at Sarojini Nagar market (a flea market in Delhi). Downstairs, in the garage, there was a local tailor who made petticoats. We gave him the material and told him, ‘This will come on TV, so do a good job.’ He made my winning gown out of that fabric, and my mother made a rose out of the remaining fabric,”

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