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Madhuri Dixit impresses her fans through her singing skills

Komal FatimaWeb Editor

31st May, 2020. 09:50 am
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Madhuri Dixit impresses her fans through her singing skills

Legendary actress Madhuri Dixit has stepped ahead to impress others with her singing skills.

Ajaa Nachle actress Madhuri Dixit made her singing debut with a song “Candle”. She says her idea of making people feel good during the ongoing coronavirus pandemic. She aimed to spread happiness and positivity with her song.
She said, “There are so many people who cannot afford to sit at home and are facing so many problems. When I look at them I feel my problems are nothing compared to what they are facing. I feel sad. I try to help as much as I can.”

“As an entertainer, this is a way to help people. I do what I can in my universe. I can try to help them elevate (through the song). If as an artist, I can make them feel better about life in general, I would love to do that,” Madhuri told the international news source in an interview.

She said that she has spent a great time on dancing and music, but she hardly got time to develop her singing skills.

“I started out very young in the film industry and then I became busy. When we worked, we would do two to three shifts a day. Acting and dancing became the focus and singing took a backseat at that time. I got married, had kids. I was busy with my life.”

“When I got time for myself I thought maybe this is the time I can actually sing and do what I always wanted to do. I have had a liking for singing since childhood. It is just another way of expressing myself. I would love to sing more in the future,”

Madhuri explained the idea behind the theme of the track “candle”.

“When the team was writing lyrics, the writer felt the candle is a beautiful metaphor for positivity, peace, and hope.

Today where everybody is facing uncertainty under the lockdown. The whole world has come down because of one virus.”

“I thought this would be an appropriate song to give people hope. It is a problem and we shall come out of it stronger. Everybody feels this is never-ending, they are restless about how life is going to be after this. I would say take one day at a time,” she added.

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