When Sunny Leone accidentally chopped off her finger

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03rd May, 2020. 04:54 pm
When Sunny Leone accidently choped off her finger

Sunny Leone entertains her fans through funny posts and pranks. She recently pranked her husband Daniel Weber. She shared a hilarious video on Instagram in which she told her fans that  she is going to prank her husband.

After that, she posted another video in which Sunny showed the fake finger and fake blood probably made from paint. She showed things in such a way that it seems like she accidentally chopped off her finger. She then shouted and called Daniel to help her. Her  husband,

Daniel, looked quite worried until she showed him the phone. he then went to see that the prank was being recorded.

Sunny later asked her husband about the prank. Daniel replied, “Generally, I am a pretty serious person in life. That is just my personality. I actually don’t even like pranks that much. I don’t even like pranks on other people and I definitely don’t like pranks on me.

So, if you want me to rate your prank, I think it’s a zero because I hated that it was done on me.”

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Watch the video here.


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This ain’t no cooking video!!!! Haha @dirrty99 got pranked and served!!

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