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Anushka Sharma wants to be recognized for her skills

Komal FatimaWeb Editor

09th Jun, 2020. 04:29 pm
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Anushka Sharma wants to be recognized for her skills

Actress Anushka Sharma said it is the most significant for her to be recognized for her skills.

Anushka said to the local source, “I have had an incredible journey, started very well in the industry and got appreciated for the work I did. I stood out as an actor and it is of prime importance to me that I’m known for my work, and I think I established that as an actor,”

She also said, “I took risks as an actor and a lot of them paid off. I think the ability that I have to take risks, to take bold steps with my career choices, has continued, and is reflective of me as a producer, because of the kind of content that we have chosen to produce,”

Sultan actress Anushka Sharma said that she has chosen distinct content, she wants to work towards unique stuff. “When I’m taking bold decisions and I’m taking risks, I feel worthy of the position that I am in. I feel like I want to leverage that position I’ve made for myself as an actor to be able to push stories and back creative individuals and talent to create something genuinely unique and new. These have been the steps that we have taken and those steps have led us to a show like ‘Paatal Lok’,”

Furthermore, she shared her opinion about her successful career as well. “I’ve always had the courage to be able to do something different with my position.”

Sharma was asked in the interview what has been more daunting for her, production or acting. “At this point in life producing films is more daunting. Acting came naturally to me when I started. With producing, I feel like it requires a lot more decision-making, there are a lot of variables and there are things that are constantly changing,”

She continued, “So you have to be more strongminded. What happens with acting is that it’s a very individualistic process, like developing your character with the help of your director but mostly it’s the work that you do on your own. I think it’s easier to carry that forward.”

Anushka also said that she experienced the entire process as a producer. “There are so many things that change. There are so many things you need to be cognitive of. You have to be alert, you have to be making decisions at every stage and to get an entire team together to have the process moving along smoothly,”

Apart from that, Anushka said that decision-makin can be a difficutl thing to do. “So, I would say the job of a producer is more challenging. But for me, I love acting. It’s my first love and it’s something that I will always enjoy doing till the time I can walk and talk. I’m just happy that today in my life and very early on in my career, I have another way of expressing myself as a creative individual,”

“Apart from acting, I can also express myself as a producer. So, I think I’m really happy with this unique place I am in right now.”

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