“bhabhi daant rahi hai” Deepika scolds Ranveer for talking loudly with Ayushmann

Komal FatimaWeb Editor

07th Jun, 2020. 01:23 pm
"bhabhi daant rahi hai" Deepika scolds Ranveer for talking loudly with Ayushmann

Ayushmann Khurrana and Ranveer Singh were seen in a hilarious live video chat. The video went viral.

Ayushmann Khurrana hosted an Instagram live session and he included Ranveer Singh in the live chat. Ranveer said that he just woke up. Ayushmann and Ranveer excitedly talked to each other. Ranveer said, “I just woke up, I can’t be live and all ya. I just came to say hello.” 

However, he felt distracted and wanted to quit the chat. Deepika was on a Zoom call, and Ranveer’s conversation interrupted that. He said, “Okay, bye bye bye. Daant rahi hain, keh rahi hai main Zoom call kar rahi hoon, chilla maat (She is scolding me. She is saying ‘I am on a Zoom call, don’t shout’),”

Ranveer quit the chat after which Ayushmann said in the live session, “He’s left because bhabhi daant rahi hai use (because Deepika’s scolding him). Thank you so much, Ranveer for gracing us with your beautiful presence,”

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