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Who are the gossip girls of Bollywood? Anaya Panday revealed

Komal FatimaWeb Editor

02nd Jun, 2020. 12:22 pm
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Who are the gossip girls of Bollywood? Anaya Panday revealed

Young celebrity Anaya Panday has revealed the names of ‘gossip girls’ of Bollywood.

Anaya Panday spoke in an interview in which she revealed some insider’s information.

She said, “I think Kareena Kapoor Khan, Karan Johar and Ranbir Kapoor. That’s what people say, right, that they know everything. So, I think these three can be like gossip girls.” Ranbir’s name on the list of ‘gossip girls’ is a surprise for everyone!

On the other hand, Akshay Kumar and Karan were invited to Kapil Sharma show this year to promote their film Sooryvanshi. They revealed how Kareena Kapoor is Bollywood’s gossip queen. 

Akshay said, “She (Kareena) knows everything. Genuinely.” Karan also said, “I say to the Mumbai Police to hire her. I feel she (Kareena) has a business of CCTV. It seems she has installed CCTV cameras in people’s houses. And she seems to have a console through which she can see what’s happening in the industry. There’s not a single information about India and the industry that doesn’t reach her house.”

Director Rohit Sharma was also present. He had revealed, “But it’s correct about Kareena. I have experienced it myself. I held a meeting with Shah Rukh Khan in the night for Chennai Express. Nobody knew about it. I think only Karan (Johar) knew about it. The next morning, I went to Kareena’s house. (She said), ‘You met Shah Rukh?’ I swear.”

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