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Rhea Chakraborty claims Mahesh Bhatt is ‘like a father figure’

Komal FatimaWeb Editor

29th Aug, 2020. 01:44 pm
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Rhea Chakraborty claims Mahesh Bhatt is 'like a father figure'

Rhea Chakraborty, the actress and the rumored girlfriend of late Sushant Singh Rajpoot opened up about allegations imposed on her.

During an interview, she also talked about her connection with filmmaker Mahesh Bhatt. She said that Sushant decided that she should leave his home on June 8.

“How would you feel when someone asks you to leave? This was when I was unwell and in the same phase as him? When I have taken care of him for so long? When there is so much affection between us?” she said.

“He asked me to leave when it is known that those who care for people suffering from mental illness, like a spouse or a girlfriend or a boyfriend, often face similar issues. I was completely broken. I already have anxiety. I was also having panic attacks,” Rhea said.

She said that she spoke to Bhatt Sahab as he is like a father figure. “I spoke to Bhatt saab because he is like a father figure for me. I called him to say I don’t have it in me to go ahead. He (Sushant) has asked me to leave and I am completely broken. He asked me to think of my father and go home, to be strong for my father,” she said.

Rhea Chakraborty claimed that she called Mahesh Bhatt the same day she left Sushant’s home. “Bhatt saab told me you cannot break down to this level. This conversation was misconstrued, I was made into his girlfriend when he has a daughter my age. Don’t I have the right to consult someone?” she added.

“I called Bhatt saab the same day I left Sushant’s home. In fact, Sushant and Bhatt saab also had a lovely relationship. He knew Bhatt saab much before I came into the picture. Sushant has even tweeted about how good he felt after meeting Mahesh Bhatt. Why isn’t anyone listening to Sushant then?”

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