Pankaj Tripathi talks about success of Mirzapur ‘I never expected it’

Komal FatimaWeb Editor

24th Oct, 2020. 04:02 pm
Pankaj Tripathi

Action series ‘Mirzapur 2’ is gaining success these days and is getting a lot of views soon after the release. Actor Pankaj Tripathi talks about his role in the series. 

 The series full of action and thrill is in talks as everyone is curiously discussing the spoilers. 

 Pankaj Tripathi, who played Kaleen Bhaiyya, gave an interview to a local news source. 

 He was asked if he expected Mirzapur’s big success. “No, not at all. I liked the story and was sure we’d make a good show but I never expected it to become so popular,” he said. 

 He was also asked what the audience can expect from season 2 of ‘Mirzapur’. 

 He responded, “The conflict has risen and there is more depth in the story now. The subplots have become very interesting and several new characters have joined in. New complications and plot twists have come in Kaleen Bhaiyya’s life and therefore, the entertainment quotient has also gone up. It’s very engaging. I personally like the writing of the second season more.”

 In addition to this, the interviewer asked Kaleen Bhaiyya why the release of the series was delayed. He said that the time of the series is like three films, so it is bound to take more time. 

 “You won’t believe, people would question me every day about the release of the second season. The thing is when you’re working on something like this and something of good quality, it takes time to write so much content. With four hundred pages to a script, a big unit that will shoot outside, and post-production, it takes time. Plus the lockdown delayed it further. If you look at the runtime, it’s like three films. So it’s bound to take more time.”

 Later, Pankaj Tripathi talked about his role as Kaleen Bhaiyya. “I have worked with Excel before. I did Fukrey with the production house and was acquainted with the creative team there. I don’t even remember who had called me for it but I heard the story and I loved it! It sounded like a fun project.”

 “I look for a good script, brilliant writing, and also the team that will be working on the project. It also matters what platform the film or series will go upon.”

 Apart from that, the news source asked Pankaj how he does he relate himself to Kaleen Bhaiyya. “The only similarity was that I was aware of the environment the character is living in. I understood the landscape because I am from that area. I got the mannerisms because I’m from Purvanchal and there are a lot of such people there.”

 “But as an actor, even when referencing from real life, you add your own values to the character. So I took this as an opportunity to make this villain very contemporary. Unless you follow the character intricately, you won’t see the evil in him,” he added. 

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