When Priyanka Chopra said she likes to hear Azaan

Komal FatimaWeb Editor

23rd Nov, 2020. 01:04 pm
Priyanka Chopra Azaan video

An old video of actress Priyanka Chopra is making rounds in which she talked about Azaan (call to prayer).

In a throwback video, Pee Cee recalled the time when she enjoys the most peaceful moment of the day.

‘Don’ said while talking to the media that she finds a strange peaceful environment when she listens to Azan during sunset.

The actress was asked about her favorite time of the day. She replied that she likes to sit on her terrace where she hears Azaan from six mosques in her area in Bhopal. She said that she likes to sit on the terrace at the time of sunset after she packs up for the shoot.

“I really like those five minutes. The sun is setting and the azaan can be heard on the microphone (loudspeaker). It’s a strange, peaceful time. It’s my favorite time of the day,” she says.

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