I opposed reservations most Hindus hate me, says Kangana Ranaut

Amna QuddusiWeb Editor

19th Dec, 2020. 02:08 pm
Kangana Ranaut

The B-Town actress, Kangana Ranaut always manages to dominate the controversies for raising her voice and never being hesitant of the outcomes.

The Queen actor talked in her most recent Instagram post regarding her haters in the entertainment industry. She also added that her ‘honesty’ is the foremost reason for all the hostility she receives.

She wrote, “I have been honest about the film industry so most of them are against me.”


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She further added, “I opposed reservations most Hindus hate me, during Manikarnika’s release I fought with Karni Sena so Rajputs threatened me as well. I fought with Khalistanis. So now most Sikhs are against me, my well wishers tell me no political party likes a vote repellent like me, so clearly no political party appreciates me, most of you wonder why I do what I do.”

“Well in a world beyond this world in the world of my CONSCIENCE I am appreciated,” she concluded.


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