Akshay Kumar walks 21 kilometres to highlight the scarcity of water

Hamna HumailWeb Editor

27th Jan, 2021. 11:56 am
Akshay Kumar

Bollywood superstar, Akshay Kumar walked the treadmill for more than 21 kilometres while he hosted the Network 18 initiative, Mission Paani Waterthon. This was done by the actor in order to understand and feel the trouble women have to go through to obtain water from long distant springs.

Akshay pointed out that athletes are served water while running half marathons at every junction, but the hardworking women face many difficulties getting water.

He discussed ways to conserve water saying half a glass of it should be offered to guests and they can ask for more if need be.

He also urged people to use the small tap over urinals in order to save water.

His third proposal was to install sensor taps in bathrooms which in turn will control the usage and wastage of the scarce resource.

Kumar, who is a fitness junkie, has often spoken about his rigorous training sessions and he gave a sneak peek into how water helped him recover. While addressing the crowd regarding the issue, the actor spoke about the many benefits of hydrotherapy.

Hydrotherapy or Aqua-therapy is a form of activity performed in water to help with rehabilitation and recovery from hard training or serious injury. This has increasingly become a popular form of treatment and exercise for athletes for the road to recovery.

The Mission Paani Waterthon initiative is set to bring together some of the biggest celebrities, leaders and influencers to join hands for a step towards saving water and sustaining it for the generations to come.

The events will emphasise on ‘Paani Ki Kahaani, Bhaarat Ki Zubaani’, which is the theme to raise awareness about water crisis.

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