What did Sandeep Nahar write in his last post before committing suicide?

Hamna HumailWeb Editor

17th Feb, 2021. 03:49 pm
Sandeep Nahar last post

The last Facebook post of the Indian actor, Sandeep Nahar, who ended his life by committing suicide, has been circulating. He talked in detail about his mental stress in the note.

In the last Facebook post, Sandeep wrote using the hashtag ‘Suicide Note’ that he had no desire to live anymore.

The actor wrote that his wife and mother-in-law never understood him and never even tried to. “My wife does not agree with me at all. I am fed up with daily fights and now I do not have the strength to endure them.”

He also mentioned to not blame his wife for his suicide, saying that it was not her fault.

In his last note, the actor thanked his parents and wrote that he knew that they would raise questions as to why he did not continue to live his life. He further went on to mention that it takes courage to live.

The actor wrote that the only solution to the problems of his life was in front of him i.e. suicide. He added that he did not know what his next life would be like but he was sure to face it easily.

In the end, Sandeep pleaded the readers to not blame his wife but to take care of her mental well-being.

Sandeep Nahar allegedly committed suicide at his home in Gora village, India.

The police reported that Sandeep’s trapped body was found hanging in his house, but he was rushed to a hospital and upon arrival it was seen that he had already died.

Police say a case has been registered and an investigation has been launched.

On June 14 last year, the lead character of the film ‘MS Dhoni: An Untold Story’, Sushant Singh Rajput also committed suicide and took his life.


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