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What is Disha Patani’s take on an ideal outfit?

Hamna HumailWeb Editor

12th May, 2021. 01:53 pm
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Disha Patani outfit

Bollywood actress Disha Patani has said that she doesn’t know much about fashion and trends but she likes to wear comfortable yet presentable clothes.

During an interview, the actress said that she always wears slippers and oversized t-shirts because she feels comfortable in them. But when I go out, I try to dress a little different.

“I love clothes and whenever I have a song, we always have in mind what I’m going to wear whenever we’re doing the choreography. It really matters with the kind of steps you have, the choreography you have. I should be comfortable with what I wear and it should also add more to the choreography. I’m glad that I keep getting opportunities to discover more styles and find out what I can wear.”


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The actress said that her choice of clothes also has to do with how she feels at that point in time. “I don’t know fashion, I like wearing nice clothes and honestly speaking 90% of the time, I’m in my basketball shorts. I’m always wearing chappals and oversized T-shirts and I think I’m the most comfortable in them. But, when I’m going out, I make sure that I put some effort and look a little different than I usually look. I usually wear what I like, I don’t know fashion and trends a lot. I just see something and think ‘I like it and I’ll wear it.’ It depends on what I’m feeling. Whether it’s sexy, cute or a tomboy. But, basketball shorts and Jordans are my most favourite.”

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