Ursula aka Tokyo from Money Heist wants to work in Bollywood

Sania SaeedWeb Editor

23rd Aug, 2021. 08:51 pm

Leading actress Ursula Corbero, better known as Tokyo in the Spanish criminal series Money Heist, may not remember the names of Indian films she has seen, but she says she would love to be a part of a Bollywood project.

Tokyo is one of the most popular characters, and she has so many shades to her. Her romantic streak with Rio, friendship with Nairobi, bittersweet camaraderie with Professor… that character is a whole Universe in itself. How was it for you to portray this part from start to end? Are you this crazy in real life, too?

“In the beginning, it was a character I wasn’t used to playing because I’ve never done something like this before. So, it was actually challenging for me, the way she was created.”

“On the physical point, I just wanted to do something different, so it helped me feel powerful, dangerous, stronger and braver, with the looks Tokyo has. It actually worked, I felt that way. Also in the script, there was something very well-defined from the beginning for the way how powerful she is, and the way they let her mess up to be wrong. I connected with Tokyo in a very powerful way. One thing I really liked about my character is the way she finds her strength from within, from her guts, and not from her physicality or her muscle”, Ursula says.

The 5th and final season of Money Heist will be released next September on the digital platform Netflix for fans.

She said that “Bollywood is a famous industry and I have seen many Indian films so far but I forget their names, I only remember the name of one film of which I am a big fan and that is ‘Slum Dog’. Millionaire ‘ that’s the film I love and adore.”, she added.

“So, what if you get to play a part in a Bollywood movie, say a Spanish character, where you don’t have to speak Hindi as such. Would you take that plunge?”, asked the interviewer.

The actress said that “if I had time, I would like to learn Hindi and work in Bollywood films. I don’t want to limit my acting, I like challenges.”

“When I made my first film in the United States, my English was not good, but I worked hard and acted in it,” she said.



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