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Samantha Lockwood clarifies dating rumours with Salman Khan

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10th Jan, 2022. 02:25 pm
Samantha Lockwood Salman Khan

Actor Samantha Lockwood has recently opened up about being called the ‘new girlfriend of Bollywood actor Salman Khan.

In a new interview, Samantha called Salman a ‘very nice guy’ and said that even though she also met actor Hrithik Roshan, ‘nobody says anything’ about them.

“I think people talk a lot. I think people can say a lot about nothing.” While praising the Tiger actor, she added, “I met Salman and he’s a very nice guy, that’s all there is to say about that. So I don’t know where people get that idea from.”

“I mean I met him, I met Hrithik, nobody says anything about me and Hrithik. So I don’t know where this news comes from but obviously, it gets spun out of proportion,” Lockwood went on to add.

She also attended Salman Khan’s 56th birthday last month. Speaking about the party get together, she said that she just knew Salman at the party and had met him a couple of times before that so he was the only celebrity that she knew. She called the evening very elegant and said that everyone was ‘super nice’.

“For me, everybody was just another person because I don’t know anybody truly. I just knew Salman, I had met him a couple of times before that so really, to me, he was the only celebrity that I knew. Then I started meeting some of the other people and came to learn that they were actors or actresses or directors or producers and so on and so forth. So for me, it was a party with lovely people and then I came to learn who everybody was by being at the party. It was a lovely experience, everybody was just super nice and had nice conversations, a very elegant evening.”

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