• Mrs. Ayesha Shaikh is a well renowned Pakistani Philanthropist and a successful Chairperson of a Pakistani Media Group.
  • Ayesha Shaikh is the director of Aik Allah Kaafi Hai Trust. The trust aims to work for the betterment of basic facilities nationwide.
  • Ayesha Shaikh is the most successful Chairperson of a Pakistani Media Group – BOL. She is the moving spirit behind the world’s most successful private media group.

Mrs. Ayesha Shaikh is a well renowned Pakistani Philanthropist and a successful Chairperson of a Pakistani Media Group.

She is the director of Aik Allah Kaafi Hay Trust, which aims to work for the betterment of basic facilities nationwide in terms of provision of quality Education, adequate amenities of Food & Shelter with proper Healthcare and Judicial services. The Trust also aims to educate more than 10 million children to shape the lives of the Pakistani youth by building world-class schools throughout Pakistan.

She is the Trustee of Rabia Moon Trust which has a group of dedicated doctors, professionals & individuals who work for the dismal condition of public healthcare in the country, especially in Neurological and Psychiatric disorders.

She is also the Chairperson of BOL, World #1 Media Group with 680+ channels, profiles and pages in 16 languages worldwide. It has 50+ million subscribers, 10+ Billion views and world’s largest media infrastructure.

Mrs. Ayesha Shaikh firmly believes in caring and betterment of people of Pakistan by contributing through self-sustaining socio-economic development Programs.


Early Life & Education:

Mrs. Ayesha Shaikh was born and raised in the Pakistani city of Karachi, to Mr Mahboob Husain Moon a businessman and one of the country’s most influential business figures. After achieving her early education in Karachi she moved to England in 1998 where she earned her MBA from the Cardiff Business School, University of Wales.

She has a tremendous interest for education and teaching, having spent five years as a visiting faculty member at the prominent Institute of Business Administration (IBA). She is currently a member of the Karachi American School board of trustees. She is also interested in the promotion of swimming, which is one of Pakistan’s neglected sports. She actively supports both the women’s and men’s swimming associations in the country. She is well-liked in the foreign community and has collaborated extensively with embassies from several nations for mutual benefit.

Mrs Ayesha Shaikh is currently married to Mr Shoaib Ahmed Shaikh the owner of the world’s leading IT Company and media conglomerate. Mrs Shaikh currently resides in her hometown of Karachi along with her husband, son, and two daughters.

Career & Philanthropy:

Mrs Ayesha Shaikh is the director of the AAKH Trust (Aik Allah Kaafi Hay), which works to improve basic facilities across the country, including quality education, appropriate food, and shelter, as well as proper healthcare and judicial services. The Trust also aspires to educate over 10 million children and impact the lives of Pakistani youth by establishing world-class schools around the country.


She is a Trustee of the Rabia Moon Trust, which is made up of a group of committed doctors, professionals, and individuals who aim to improve the country’s public healthcare, particularly in the areas of neurology and psychiatry. The trust was founded twenty years ago with Mrs Ayesha Shaikh as its major trustee. The goal of establishing the trust is to help every deserving person who walks in by providing the finest possible treatment at no cost.

Finally, in March 2001, the goal came true thanks to the tireless efforts of a group of dedicated doctors and the support of various philanthropists. For many people, this dream has now lit the candles of hope. Over 2 million out-patients from all over Pakistan have received free treatment at the institute in the last two decades since its foundation.

Mrs Ayesha Shaikh also works as the Chairperson of BOL the world’s largest media company, with over 680 channels, profiles, and pages available in 16 languages. It boasts more than 50 million subscribers, ten billion views, and operating the greatest media infrastructure in the world.

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