Gold price sheds to Rs900 per ounce

By Arhama Altaf - Web Editor

02nd August, 2019

The price of 24 karat gold dipped by Rs900 and was traded at Rs. 83,100 per tola as compared to the last closing at Rs 84,000, Karachi Sarafa Association reported on Thursday.

The price of 10 gram gold also witnessed decrease of Rs771 and was traded at Rs. 71,245 against Rs. 72,016 of last day.

The price of silver however remained constant and was traded at Rs1110 per tola and that of 10 gram was traded at Rs951.64.

In international market the price of per ounce gold decreased by $24 and was traded at $1407 as compared to the last closing at $1431.

Earlier, Gold prices within the country has decreased despite increase in global market.

According to the details, per ounce price of gold has decreased by Rs400. The new price of per ounce gold is now Rs84,000.

Meanwhile 10gram gold price after a decreased of Rs344 has become Rs72016.

In global market. Gold prices increased by $1. The new gold price in global market is currently $1420 per ounce.

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