Rupee strengthens as dollar’s slide continues in Interbank

Arhama AltafWeb Editor

21st Aug, 2019. 08:55 pm
Rupee vs dollar in interbank

Bullish trends continues in Pakistan stock exchange on Wednesday, as dollar slides. Whereas, Pakistani rupee remained stable in the open currency market.

According to details, reports of Forex Association of Pakistan suggest that the rate of dollar slid down to 3 paisa, which set the buying rate to 158.67 from 158.70. Whereas, the selling rates to 158.77 from 158.80.

However, in the open currency market, buying and selling rates of dollar remain same; 158.50 and 159 respectively.

A noticeable fall has been observed in the rate of Euro. After which, buying rate remained 174.50, which slid down from 173.50 and the selling rate went down to 175.50 from 176.50.

Likewise, rates of British pound went down to 190 from 190.75 in selling and slid down to 192 from 192.75 in buying.

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