Plot Finder is all about giving users precise virtual access to every property

By Muhammad Sudhir Chaudhry – Deputy Bureau Chief Lahore

22nd November, 2019

Pakistan’s largest real estate portal on Friday debuted its brand new tool Plot Finder at a launch event held at local hotel, with media representatives and the company’s senior management in attendance.
Plot Finder allows’s users to access highly detailed maps of 38 Pakistani cities and over 2,500 housing schemes within. Its plot-marking facility – which accurately depicts the land demarcations segmented and finalized by society developers – was unveiled as its most innovative feature. The product also enables users to swipe through the precise, on-ground locations of over 1.2 million houses and plots across the country. Corporate Communications Director Ibrahim Suheyl told the audience that the main objective of all the services provided by the portal (including this newly launched provision), was to make the process of property searching and the subsequent transactions easier for all stakeholders.
“Plot Finder is all about giving our users precise virtual access to every property in Pakistan – and saving all involved from the complicated and time-consuming process of using traditional paper maps,” said Suheyl. Central Region Senior Director Sheikh Shuja Ullah Khan told the audience that the new feature would be a welcome relief for real estate agencies, seeing as it would considerably speed up their interactions with clients and make them more fruitful.
“Agents can now make map-based plot collections of their own to share with their clients. This product will not only save them time but will also be a tremendous help to their businesses in terms of closing deals,” Khan added. Geomatics Associate Director Ali Haroon said, “The biggest problem in Pakistan’s real estate market is the scarcity of data, especially geo-location data. Zameen took on the challenge of mapping out all of Pakistan and our data scientists, engineers and programmers are working round-the-clock to make that a reality.

“At the moment, we have 88% data penetration in Lahore alone, and some 1.2 million properties mapped in 38 major cities. This is a massive success, but we are not stopping here: our of measure of success is when we have successfully mapped all of Pakistan,” Haroon added.

Zameen’s Senior Product Manager Muhammad Waqas gave a practical demonstration of the new tool to the audience, and explained its many features and benefits.

Atta Ur Rehman Khan

Web Editor & Columnist, BOL News conributed to the story

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