CNG Association says, closure of CNG stations adds to the urban pollution

By Muhammad Sudhir Chaudhry – Deputy Bureau Chief Lahore

21st January, 2020

The All Pakistan CNG Association (APCNGA) on Tuesday said reopening of CNG stations in Punjab and Sindh for 12 hours is not acceptable.

According to CNG Association, stations should be opened for round the clock service.

CNG stations in Punjab and Sindh have not worked even for forty hours in last 40 days which affected three lakh jobs therefore non-stop operations for full year should be allowed, it said.

The move to shut down CNG business increases oil import bill and results in substantial loss to the CNG operators while the government loses sizable revenue, said Ghiyas Abdullah Paracha, Central Chairman APCNGA.

Closure of CNG stations also adds to the urban pollution, therefore, the gas companies should immediately open CNG stations in Punjab and Sindh for non-stop operation, he added.

In a statement issued here today he said that CNG stations remained open during winter during the last five years but during this winter the business was closed which was unjustified.

He said that the CNG stations of Punjab switched to costly RLNG over assurances of continued supply and they deposited billion in advance with the government to ensure uninterrupted supply but to no avail.

Ghiyas Paracha said that the province of Sindh has its own gas but the CNG stations were closed which was unconstitutional that resulted in restlessness among CNG operators and masses.

Such decisions are always harmful to the economy and for those relying on economical and clean fuel while many jobs are lost, he said.

He also added that closure of CNG stations result in gas sector circular debt as the gas is diverted to domestic consumers and the sectors getting gas at economical rates.

The circular debt is covered by frequent upward revisions in the gas tariff which damages economy and masses are made to pay for it while it also increases the public transport fares resulting in inflation.

Replacing CNG with petrol during winter add to the urban pollution which is against the announcement made by the Prime Minister to control the smog in cities, he said.

Arhama Altaf

Web Editor, BOL News conributed to the story

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