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Drug supply skyrockets on dark web amid corona pandemic

Muhammad UsmanMultimedia Journalist

28th May, 2020. 03:38 pm
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dark web drug supply skyrockets

The coronavirus outbreak has brought a great revolution into the lives of the people. Similarly, it also has brought change to the drug dealers in the way of their transactions. Dealing from a street-level now they have shifted to online dealing, according to new research.
A Dark Web has been created that contains the list for the illegal drugs, a hidden section on the internet that is only accessible if you have special software.
The biggest increase was observed in cocaine sales, which surged by 1000 percent during the last months-December till April.
The report has been drafted by cyber intelligence firm, Sixgill, who monitored the frequency of the seller listing and buyer feedback between 23rd December 2019 and 27th April 2020.
“The supply-side growth reflects a mass shift from street-level dealing with the digital underground as the pandemic emptied streets and public places,” the researchers said.
“Like all consumers, dark web shoppers may have been driven to online shopping due to fear of physical contact.”
Trade-in stolen credit cards account details, and other dark staple didn’t observe such surge during the same period, proving that coronavirus containment measures triggered the increase in drug listing.
The researches, however, observed an increasing demand rather than an increase in sales, which resulted in increased promotions and coronavirus sales in these dark websites.
It is vague why the demand of drugs soared during these months, the researchers speculating it could be as a consequence of buyers being more vigilant about using the internet to buy illegal drugs.
“The dynamics that played out in the underground illicit drug trade mirrored those in legitimate online sectors,” the report concluded.

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